All ILA Local 333 Members,


I would like to personally thank you on behalf of ILA local 333’s administration. During this time of crisis in our great nation, you the men and women of the ILA, in the Port of Baltimore are doing your country a service. The moving of goods that keeps our region moving is getting the proper recognition that is sometimes taken for granted. Everyday that your leave your family and home, your taking a risk for your fellow Americans, that is something you should be proud of. This crisis will pass but the ILA will continue to move the good that this nation and world rely on everyday. Please stand tall and protect your family and Co-Workers (Your ILA Family). Minimize contact, I know this can be hard, practice proper hygiene washing hands often and wearing gloves. The following measures have taken place for your safety and the safety of your Co- Workers.

1- The Hiring Center has been Sanitized and Disinfected and will continue weekly. The center will also be fogged with sanitizer daily between the hours of 9am-11an. In addition a tent has been placed outside as not to crowd each other.

2- The equipment has been sanitized as well. Ports America has purchased a sanitizer fogger for its equipment. I know this may seem like it should been done more often and we agree. Please recognize PA has many pieces of equipment and this is a big undertaking.

3- Consol Coal (CNX Coal Pier) has received a waiver from the Governor of Pennsylvania to continue coal Mining. This will allow our members at the coal facility to keep working amid a PA shutdown.

4- The Maryland Port Administration has installed soap dispensers fixed to the wall in its DMT facilities. In addition they have assisted us in allowing the guards to NOT touch our ID’s to prevent the spread of  COVID19.

5- The STA has provided the Local with the necessary documentation in case of a full State shutdown, so you are able to continue to work. The documents will be available electronically and at the hiring hall if needed. Please have your TWIC and State ID with you as well.

6- The Pension and Benefits office and Container Royalty/ Vacation and Holiday fund are working under a no contact policy. They are available via phone or E-Mail to service members and Retirees.

7- The local Union office is open limited hours, all officials are available via Phone, Text and Email. If it a pressing matter please contact someone to set up an appointment or if you need representation on the pier.

9- The General Membership Meeting and Seniority Board meeting for April has been Canceled. We will asses as things unfold to reschedule these meetings.

  Please know the safety of you and your family is of the upmost importance to Local 333 and it’s officers. We are all in this together and will endure. Myself and the rest of the administration will NEVER forget where we came from and what a struggle the pier can be at times. This pandemic just goes to show, how essential the longshore industry is to the world. Please be vigilant in safe practices for your family and co-workers. If you feel sick in anyway or are showing signs of a cold, please stay home!!! May God bless you, your family and the whole ILA.


In Solidarity,

Scott Cowan

President, ILA Local 333